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शुक्रवार, 12 अगस्त 2011

Fight against neo-colonial rule

This essay has been written for my English blog parindian-the soul of the nation
Anna Hazare is nothing, but symbol of true indigenous nationalistic character of Indian soul. This soul is nearer to the dream of father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi had a dream of self-dependent, decentralised, rural economy based India. At the beginning of the independent India a little had been done to realize the dream of the great soul, but colonial thinking of the rulers of India, left the Gandhian theory and model of development. They failed to understand the basic structure and culture of Indian society. They adopted the imported theories of development for India, those were irrelevant and against to the fabric of indian society.
The imported and fabricated thinking of communists began to inject into the nerves of Indian masses. They projected Dharma(literally, religion) and morality as Afeem(opium) for the development. They propagated that there should not be religion in public life, what is the soul of the Indian society for the hundreds of centuries. They observed that religion(dharma) and politics can not and should not go together, so there should not be public demonstration of religion. Our neo-colonial rulers also supported these theories and adopted in the syllabuses of schools. They propagated that Aryan were outsiders and India had nothing on which Indian could have pride. They had literally no contribution to the world in the field of Science, Technology, Medical Science, Philosophy, Art and even Culture.
In nineties, Dr. Manmohan Singh came with......


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