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सोमवार, 15 अगस्त 2011

Fight against neo-colonial rule part-2

IN nineties, Dr Manmohan Singh, then Finance Minister and currently Prime Minister of India, came with an imported theory of economic development, named Globalization, liberalization and reforms. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Montek Singh Ahluwalia have been the Indian face of world bank and International Monetary Fund. Western nations want to capture the vast indian market and its resources. So, they used these faces and imposed their economic policies in India through these Indian faces. Overnight, Licence and permission Raj came to end. The fate of indian economy handed over to corporates and markets, and the markets were opened to the western nations. It had been claimed that only the open economy can eradicate the poverty and bring prosperity to India. After, two decades of the open economic policy, the illusion has broken and the much hyped claim came to trivia. The economy get centralized. The governments became the tool to collect taxes and to go on foreign tour. Subsidies have been terminated. They think for corporates and their interests. They think fro four paise loss of companies but they do not think about the suicide of the farmers.
To be continues--

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