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शनिवार, 10 सितंबर 2011

Who is supreme- people or parliament? सर्वोच्च जनता या संसद?

This essay has been written for my English blog parindian

Some people from the dias of Anna Hazare at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi allegedly spoken a few controversial words to the parliamentarians and the parliament issues privilege notices to actor Ompuri and members of team Anna, Kiran Bedi, Prashant Bhushan, Arvind Kezriwal. Interestingly, no notice has been issued to Anna Hazare, who spoken rather more controversial and objectionable words to the politician classes. Why? The political class of our country know the answer of the question better. The notices to team Anna and actor Ompuri have been taken as the side effect, say after affect of the peoples movement. The political class of our country is not ready to take the movement easily. They claim the supremacy of the parliament and the parliamentary system. At the same time, they do not think and do not want to think, who make the parliament. The problem arises from here. There are fashionable terms for the dictators in the political arena, such as Supremo, high command etc. These are not easy to take words. The high command or the supremo of the party decides what an MP or MLA should think, speak and do. Once one get elected, his mind, soul and body get dedicated to the supremo. He can not think, speak and do, what his people want.

This is not matter of any one party or any particular type of party, but our entire political system is chained. The supremo or high command of any party decide the fate of the people related to it. And lastly the incumbent party decide the fate of the national. In our democratic system, people once in five year caste their vote to elect their representative. The candidates make tall and popular promises to catch their vote. And once the candidate wins, never cares the wish of the people. They claim that they did a lot to eradicate the problems of the people. Since the days of India's independence, people are listening the music of development at different tunes. The Indians are tolerant naturally. But, the arrogant political class thinks, people are gentle and can be cheated easily. The liberalization and the globalization made the things more worse. The illegal nexus of politics-industry and bureaucracy promoted corruption in public life. The shrewd and cunning people made their place in politics. The power, politics and paisa made them too arrogant. They think they are everything and people are nothings. They think that they have power to rule either they get elected or not.

The arrogance of the political class is the main reason behind the mass movement of Anna Hazare. Our political class did not take the movement easily. They argue that the crowd of five to ten thousand people can not undermine the parliament and the with the support of five to ten thousand people one can not claim to be the representative of people. When the support for Anna got larger across the country, their well implemented formula “divide and rule” came into their mouth. They shouted, you have not support from Muslims and Dalits. They also alleged that the movement got financial support of America and RSS. But their divide and rule policy did not work this time. It is due to the Chanakyas of Anna. Arvind kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan, Shanti Bhushan and Kiran Bedi defeated the government every time. Team Anna studied the each and every aspect of government for the last four month and made its strategy. Team Anna knew that when and where the government would play what type of trick and prepared itself for the same.

Team Anna knew that government will do its best to stop the agitation. The team also knew that the government would arrest them. So they posted Anna's message on You tube and the tube done miracle to the people of the country. The hundreds of thousand people came out on the road. The government sent them to Tihar jail, where lacs of people sat on dharna against government's action. The government knelt down and given release order. This is the government and the same police, which a couple of hours before, thought that team Anna was a threat to law and order of the land and arrested them, but now it thinks that they are not threat.

To be continued...

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