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रविवार, 22 दिसंबर 2013

Aam Aadamy Party Manifesto For Delhi

18 Point Programme for the betterment of Delhi and the people of Delhi

No leaders and ministers of Delhi government will ask for red beacon van, big flats and security for themselves.
  • Lokpal will investigate all the scams committed by Congress and Governments.
  • Swaraj laws will be implemented in Delhi for self-government and decentralisation of the government.
  • No MLA will be given MLA fund and these funds will be directly transferred to wards and gram Sabhas.
  • A formal state status will be given to Delhi
  • The accounts of the electricity companies will be done and electricity charges will be slashed to half.
  • The fast running electricity meters will be regulated.
  • 700 Litres of drinking water will be provided to each family at no cost.
  • All illegal colonies will be legalized within one year of government formation.
  • No slum huts will be demolished till the pucca building is provided to the poors.
  • No contract labour will be employed for permanent and regular work
  • VAT rules will be simplified,
  • There will be no FDI in retail sector
  • All subsidies will be provided to the farmers of Delhi, what are being provided to the other states of the country.
  • The quality of education in government school will be better than the private schools
  • More than 500 government schools will be opened in Delhi
  • Donation system prevalent in private schools will be eradicated and fees rules will be made transparent.
  • New government hospitals will be opened and medical services better than private hospitals will be provided in government hospitals
  • Special security cell will be set up for the security of women
  • More fast track courts will be set up so that the cases against women wold be solved within 3 to 6 months
  • More courts will be set up and judges will the recruited so that cases can be solved within one year
  • National parties should support AAP on national issues.
    based on the speech of Arvind kejriwal, national convener of AAM AADAMI PARTY during referendum on government formation

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