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शुक्रवार, 10 अक्तूबर 2008

स्वामी लक्ष्मणानंद सरस्वती कौन थे.

Taken from my own blog- www.parindian.blogspot.com- which has been banned by the service provider accusing possible violation of service terms. I do not understand, accussing christianity is violation of service terms.
Kandhamal has been the headlines of the national as well as international media, but they failed to understand the root cause of the problem. Not only they failed to understand the real issue, but even they did not try to find out the fact. They are revolving around their self-made nucleus and casting their pseudo-secular thought. The majority of media houses, in India, either owned or promoted by churches or communists. So, they are no willing to see the problems of majority. our minority commission and human right commission understand the right of muslims and christians. they issue the notices and take stand human right violation done in Gujrat, Orissa and Karnatka. They remain deaf and blind in the matter of human right violence in Kashmir, Meghalay, Mizoram, Assam.
That's why I am writing about Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, Who was brutually killed on 23of August of this year. No media taken a pain to find out the conspiracy in the killing of the octogenerian seer. I am talking about the media, who advance justice on the issue of Jessica Lal killing case, Rizban-ur-rahman killing case, BMW case and so on. Once Orissa goverment states (without any investigation), they understand, the government is telling truth. Rizban-ur-rahman is important for media, because he marries to a hindu girl. BMW is important, because Sanjeev Nanda, a VVIP son was involved in the case. Jessica Lal is important, because, she was page three celebrity, what is important for TRP. But what is in Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati. He did not came in the chorus of peudo-secular rhythm. Being a VHP leader made him untouchable in the secular media. For secular media, he was terrorist and should be prosecuted.
No matter, he dedicated his entire life in the the service of tribal people, in the betterment of the tribal society, in the upliftment of the downtrodden people of jungle. No matter, he was regarded as mother, father, mentor and guide of hundreds of people in the tribal area. No matter, tribal people treat him as God.
It's our pseudo-secular media, which imagine a character, make news, make pressure on police, courts and government, for which Laxmanananda was not even in its snippets. Its only because, Laxmanananda was the greatest barrier in the path of conversion. He taught hundreds of tribal children to stand their own feet. He taught hundreds of tribals to cultivate profitable crops. He helped them to live a better life, so that they need not the help of christian missionary and their go, who help only those who convert into the chritianity.
At the time of killing, 84 year old Laxmanananda, was engaged in educating the tribal students of the region. The region illiteracy and school dropout rate is very high. He managed to get them interested in studies. He managed to teach the tribal people the merits of multi-crop cultivation, animal husbandry and horticulture. This good-doer character made him the larger than life personality and respectable to everybody in the area. If anybody had any grievance, he used to be at his door in no time offering the solution and consolidation. He was like the patriarch of the area. He go huge popularity among tribals. He has a mass support base in the district for his social service. He became the ever greatest barrier in the path of conversion in the district. How could power blind church and missionary bear the person?
And at last, the obstacle has been removed with his associates. In no time Orissa goverment and police announced that naxalite had killed Swamiji. Police arrested the people involved in the violence and arsen, but failed to arrest even a single suspect killer of Swamiji. A large number of male were arrested, at last women and childred left to fight against the police. Sitation became grave due to the anger flowing out from women folk.
People also attacked media, accusing partiality in news coverage.

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